Smoky Mountain Black Bears

Bears are one of the most exciting creatures to see. Sometimes it is because of the fear or sometimes because the shear wondrous nature we have to see something  not from our day to day life. You will probably always remember the first time you see one. However if you spend enough time in the Smoky Mountains you will probably get a good glimpse of our four legged furry friends. More likely if you look closely at your surrounding you can see signs of the bears all around you. Here are some thing to look for while out hiking in Gatlinburg.

1. Bears leave hair and claw marks on trees they climb. Traditionally they climb them to get to the nuts and berries  growing.

2. Bear tracks traditionally are five to seven inches long and show five toes.

3.The more often sign most will know but not be interested in is the bear “scat”. Bears are omnivorous ,eating plants and animals so each one make look different. The more obvious sign is the berry and nuts will be predominant.

A very miss interpreted tell of bears are their aggression. Most black bears are not aggressive, however it is advisable to keep your distance and not come between a mother bear and her cub. Bears usually mate between May and July and newborns are born in January but do not come out of the den till around April.  It is very important in preserving the life of the bears that we do not feed them.

So if you encounter one of these beautiful creatures  smile because your visit to Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains could not be more complete.

Gatlinburg Black Bear

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